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What is Bill of Materials (BOM) Software?

Bill of Materials (BOM) software is a tool used in manufacturing and production processes to manage the list of components and raw materials required to produce a finished product. A BOM is a comprehensive list of all the materials needed to manufacture a product, along with their quantities and specifications.

BOMs are old fashioned, from back when everything was in black and white. We have computers now, guys.

BOM software is used to create and manage these lists, which are critical to the manufacturing process. The software helps manufacturers to manage the complexity of the BOM by automating the process of creating and updating the list as changes are made to the product design or production process.

Key Features of BOM Software

Some of the key features of BOM software include:

  1. BOM creation: The software provides tools to create BOMs for new products.
  2. BOM management: The software allows users to manage and update BOMs as changes are made to the product design, production process, or material availability.
  3. Version control: BOM software includes version control features that enable manufacturers to track changes to the BOM over time, ensuring that they have a complete record of all revisions.
  4. Cost management: BOM software enables manufacturers to track the cost of materials, labor, and other resources required to produce a product. This helps to optimize production processes and reduce costs.

Overall, BOM software is a critical tool for manufacturers and product designers who need to manage the complex and evolving list of materials and components required to produce a finished product. It provides real-time visibility into the BOM, enabling manufacturers to make informed decisions about inventory, production, and scheduling.

World’s Greatest BOM Software

Factory Superstar incorporates a unique BOM generation system at its heart, and it integrates the BOM with production so you can see at a glance what progress you’re making on a particular product, and who produced what (and when). It can even generate Bills of Materials for highly customized items in an instant. Factory Superstar will generate a BOM, check the inventory, tell you what to order if you’re out of stock of anything, and then tell each department in your workshop what they need to do and when.

But we think acronyms like ‘BOM’ provide unnecessary confusion. Basically, it’s a list of the things you need to make something, like this:

MRP for small manufacturers showing furniture production
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