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We focus on production and inventory control. You focus on your furniture.

Factory Superstar was developed for our own furniture manufacturing business. It will revolutionize yours. 

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Digitize your workshop. Track everything. Be late for nothing.

Factory Superstar is the most powerful inventory and production management system for small furniture makers in history.

  1. Manage Inventory the Right Way.

    Track inventory levels. See how much every single piece of your furniture costs. Automatically generate cut lists and BOMs, even for bespoke furniture. Forecast demand to keep production running smoothly.

  2. Track everything.

    Who lacquered the legs of this table? When was this upholstery fixed? Who packaged this product? Find out at a glance who made every single part of your furniture, and see what your team have been up to.

  3. Digitize your workshop floor.

    Calculate cut lists and lacquer quantities. Check the inventory. Tell your team what to order and what to make. See production status in real time. All with a single click.

  4. Talk to a human. Anytime.

    We developed our system for our own furniture making business. Now it’s revolutionizing small workshops globally. We help you set up the system. Speak to us anytime. 

inventory production management system, cloud hosted

Less time on paperwork. More time growing your business.

Factory Superstar allows you to integrate your inventory management with production. There’s no need to be out of stock or late to deliver again.

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Inventory Management

What inventory do you have in stock? What do you need, even for this custom product? How much is it worth? We deal with inventory management for you.

Production Management

When does this need to be made to get the order out on time? Who made this part? How many more products can we dispatch this week? 


How much has this component increased in price over the last year? How long did it take to arrive last time?


See how Factory Superstar would work for your furniture business.

Book a free no-obligation demo where we show you how it would work for your products, or try for free today.
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