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Furniture Manufacturing Production Management Software

Factory Superstar evolved from a system that was originally designed for furniture manufacturing.

Our furniture manufacturing companies are still going strong today, and we still use them for testing and developing new features of Factory Superstar.

So, unlike just about every other Production Management system on the market, we don’t just know how to make software – we know how to make software, and we know how critical good production management processes are to growing your manufacturing business.

Factory Superstar features for Furniture Manufacturing

The system has a number of unique and very powerful features which will help streamline your Furniture Manufacturing operations:

  • Generate cut lists (‘Bill of Materials’, according to other software providers) even for custom products. So let’s say you offer a table in multiple sizes or colours. All you need to do is select the size and colour from a drop down, and Factory Superstar will calculate what’s needed to make it, down to the most minor subcomponent. It will even track the costs and lead times for every single part. 
  • Shop floor management: After it’s generated the cut list, it will instantly tell your team what they need to do (and in what priority) via screens you place on the shop floor. Your team check off what they’ve completed, and you can remotely monitor progress, and even communicate with them via notes and announcements for each workstation or every order.
  • Audit trail: Factory Superstar tracks who has done what, and when. That means not only can you monitor the performance of each of your team members, but you can see exactly who produced every component.

Check out the other features, or book a demo and we can show you exactly how it would work for your products.

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