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What does Lean manufacturing software do?

Lean manufacturing software is a software solution that is designed to help manufacturing businesses implement and manage lean manufacturing principles. Lean manufacturing is a methodology that aims to reduce waste and increase efficiency by optimizing manufacturing processes, minimizing inventory levels, and improving quality.

Opinion Time!

Frankly, Lean systems annoy me. All the fancy / Japanese words used by Lean proponents seem like just a way to overcomplicate methods that become self-evident if you focus on efficiency. (I’m not saying at all that the systems themselves aren’t effective – of course they are – just that the terminology isn’t ideal).

That said, I think they are valuable: If you tell your team ‘put all the tools you don’t use into storage’ they will fight you every step of the way, but if you pay a Lean consultant $1000 to say “Implement the Kaizen and Andon systems and you will become a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma in fourteen moons” your workshop will be immaculate in no time. People really believe in the systems when they have all the fancy words, and in my experience that’s what makes them very valuable.

About Lean Software

Lean manufacturing software can help manufacturers to implement lean principles by providing tools for:

  1. Value stream mapping: The software can help manufacturers to map out their manufacturing processes, identify areas of waste, and develop strategies for reducing waste and increasing efficiency.
  2. Kanban management: The software can help manufacturers to implement Kanban systems for managing inventory and optimizing production flow. Kanban systems use visual cues, such as cards or signals, to trigger inventory replenishment and production scheduling.
  3. Continuous improvement: The software can help manufacturers to implement continuous improvement processes, such as Kaizen, by providing tools for tracking and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs), identifying areas for improvement, and implementing changes.
  4. Standard work: The software can help manufacturers to develop and implement standard work processes, which can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase quality.
  5. Andon systems: The software can help manufacturers to implement Andon systems, which provide visual and audible alerts when problems occur on the production line, enabling quick response and resolution.

Lean manufacturing software can be cloud-based or installed on-premises, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business. By using lean manufacturing software, manufacturers can optimize their production processes, reduce waste, and increase efficiency, ultimately improving their bottom line.

Us and Lean Manufacturing Software

While Factory Superstar isn’t specifically Lean manufacturing software, it does greatly assist manufacturers in implementing lean principles by providing a framework upon which production can be managed, and also allows you to analyze unprecedented aspects of production.

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