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What is MRP software? (other than confusing)

MRP (Material Requirements Planning) software is a tool used in manufacturing and production processes to help businesses manage their supply chain and production operations. It is primarily used by manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who need to manage inventory levels and production schedules to ensure that they have the right materials available to meet customer demand.

The primary goal of MRP software is to help businesses optimize their production processes by ensuring that they have the necessary materials available when they are needed. This is achieved through a series of processes that are managed by the MRP software, including:

  1. Material planning: The MRP software tracks the materials that are required for production, taking into account the quantity needed, the production schedule, and the lead time required to procure the materials.
  2. Inventory control: The MRP software helps to manage inventory levels by tracking the materials that are in stock and the materials that are required for production. This helps to minimize inventory costs and reduce the risk of stockouts.
  3. Production scheduling: The MRP software helps to schedule production based on the availability of materials, labor, and other resources. This helps to optimize the production process and reduce the risk of delays or backlogs.

Overall, MRP software is an essential tool for businesses that need to manage their inventory levels and production processes to ensure that they can meet customer demand while minimizing costs. It provides real-time visibility into the supply chain, enabling businesses to make informed decisions about inventory, production, and scheduling.

Many MRP solutions are focused at large, established manufacturers. They are complicated, and you will often find that these manufacturers employ staff just to administer the system.

Grow Grow Grow

Factory Superstar is different. It’s the only MRP system that aimed at small or micro manufacturers that offers a framework for scalable manufacturing. This means that it will deal with material planning, inventory, and production in a way that frees up massive amounts of your time, and thus will allow you to grow your business much quicker than otherwise. When you grow, Factory Superstar will continue to meet your needs and allow for further growth.

MRP for small manufacturers showing furniture production
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