The Greatest Production Management System in the Universe.

Factory Superstar: Production-ready. Suitable for making anything, from 1 - 150 workers.

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Factory Superstar is light years ahead of the competition.


Why Factory Superstar is the best.

Factory Superstar is the best production management system for small / medium manufacturers in existence.

Digitise the Factory Floor

Tell your production team exactly what to make, and when. Track production status in real time. All you need is an internet connection and a device with a web browser.

External Integrations

Our focus is to be the best at managing production. We don't try to be a do-all system. That's why we offer seamless integration to your other software, whether your online store, Quickbooks, Xero, or ERP system.

Unparalleled Inventory Control

What do you have in stock? How much is it worth? What have you ordered? What do you need to set-aside for upcoming orders? Do you have enough life left in your tooling? Track inventory down to the inch, the milliliter, the gram.

Make any Product

It doesn’t matter if you’re making candles or computer chips. Factory Superstar has the basics right, which means it can be used for making anything.

Unrivalled Cost Tracking

Have an assembly which has X subcomponents, Y subassemblies, each of which has Z sub-subasssemblies? No problem. Instant cost tracking for every stage in the process. Supplier increased their prices? Taken care of.

Superlative Lead Time Estimation

You’re making a large batch of a complex component. Some subcomponents are partly in stock, some not; it’s the same for some sub-subcomponents. How long will it take to produce? Now you know. Instantly.

Inside the System

Factory Superstar's Blueprint: Be the Best at Making Things.

Unrivalled Effectiveness

Let Factory Superstar do the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your business.

Make Anything.

Candles? Computer chips? Whatever you make, Factory Superstar can handle it.

Track Everything.

Inventory. Production status. And instantly see how much time and money it costs to produce something, even for bespoke products.

Be Late for Nothing.

When to order supplies? When to make a component? When to prioritise an order? Sorted.

Automate your factory with Factory Superstar.

Step 1: Speak to Us

Book a personalised demo, tailored to your business. See if it's suitable.

Step 2: Digitise your Factory Floor

Decide what work you want Factory Superstar to do, and set it up. Add low cost screens to your workstations. Personal service every step of the way.

Step 3: Relax.

With Factory Superstar up and running you won't be trying to juggle all the things that demand your attention. You can focus on growing your business, knowing that the workload is taken care of and you can instantly see what's going on. Need help? We're here.

Grow your business!

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Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

More Features

Revolutionise your factory.

Bespoke Items Simplified

Straightforward customisation like a change in length? Simply choose the length, we calculate the costs, lead times, and tell your team what to do. More complicated? No problem. Drag and drop to configure, we do the rest.

Access Anywhere

Factory in the Mexico, you’re in the USA, customer service in the Philippines? Or maybe you’re just on vacation and a customer has asked what’s happening with their order. Doesn’t matter. View your factory details from anywhere.

Unrivalled Quoting

Need to cost a new product? Drag and drop to configure, and instantly get costs and lead times. Going ahead with the quote? We tell you what you need to order, and tell your production team exactly what they should make.

Easy Labelling

Instantly print labels for any order or stock component, with QR codes automatically generated – scan with your mobile device to quickly see the history of the item.

Security and Persistence

Stored remotely, your data is backed up – keep all your production records in one place. Customer is re-ordering a bespoke item made years ago? No more digging through paperwork. Just add it to an order, the system will work out what you need and tell your team what to do.

Quick to Learn and Use

You don’t have time to learn a new computer system, and your team are makers, not computer people. Factory Superstar is quick to learn and even quicker to use – the user should see everything needed and nothing more. (Don’t let the simplicity fool you – we keep the complex stuff to ourselves).

Make Better Decisions

Everything is tracked, so everything can be analysed. How many orders have I sent with this courier? What’s the cost history of this component? Who’s our 12th biggest customer? How much did profit did we make on this order?

Multi-Channel Sales

Sell through your own online store, through distributors, drop shipping, eBay, Amazon, or sales agents? Add as many sales channels as you need. Keep track of their performance, and even customise their labels based on what return addresses need to be shown.

Never Lose Track of a Purchase

You’re making things and running a business too – you have a lot of deliveries. Quickly generate a purchase order for everything you buy (however small), and we’ll tell you if it’s late to arrive. (We’ll also track how long it took to arrive, and how much it cost this time so we can work out accurate costs… but we’re not going to show off about that)..

Add Your Team

Add and remove team members at a moment’s notice, no email required. You can even set it up so when you login it goes to a particular process so you can have a screen for every workstation. Oh, and we realise some things are sensitive… certain information (like costs) are only shown to users you’re happy showing them to.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into the following questions to gain insights into the powerful features that Factory Superstar offers and how it can elevate your manufacturing business.

Why Factory Superstar?

Factory Superstar was started by accident. We built a system to manage our own manufacturing business as we couldn't find a suitable alternative. Our system was so effective that we sold the business to focus on the software. We know manufacturing. We understand the problems you'll face as you grow.

What do I need to start?

While you 'could' get started right now, we ask that you speak to one of our team so that they can get a feel for your business and guide you through the set-up process. We offer a premium product that's capable of taking a huge amount of work away from your team - it's powerful. While you'll be completely capable of customising it without our input, best speak with us first so we can get you going in the right direction.

How to install screens at my workstations?

All you need it something that can show an internet browser. We recommend an inexpensive tablet PC for simplicity (though old phones, and Raspberry Pi's are frequently used).

Can I integrate with X?

In short, yes. We offer integrations with a number of systems, and we're always looking to add more. We even offer an integration service to give you peace of mind that everything will work as expected.

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